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Lil Duval-Smile/teeth powder

Lil Duval-Smile/teeth powder

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Teeth and gum powder  4 oz 

ingredients: white oak bark, activated charcoal, neem leaf, cloves, bentonite clay, thyme leaf, myrrh gum and cardamon

directions: just dip your tooth brush on it and use it as is to brush your teeth, or you can put it on your teeth if you have a teeth aches. Or you can mix it with unfiltered organic raw coconut oil if you want to make a toothpaste and store in a cool place!   

This powder will detoxify the mouth, teeth and gums. It’s great for tooth aches and rotten teeth also. Its great for the mouth ph balance and get rid of cavities. works best when your consuming raw plantbased/ no cooked foods at all or when you’re high water content fruits and veggies fasting/ fruits fasting or juice fasting!  This powders shelf life is 2 years

This product is not fda approve and is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any diseases! Food is medicine and the herbs are made for us to h{^! 😉 



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