Fat Joe - All The Way Up

Fat Joe - All The Way Up

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Natural Male Enhancement powder 4oz

ingredients: horny goat weed, ginseng,tongkat ali, maca root, ashwaganda, damiana, Noni fruit, yohimbe bark, tiger nut, astragalus, burdock  Fo ti root, and tribulus 

directions: 1 teaspoon mix with a tablespoon of organic raw honey or put it in your smoothie 16 oz or less or in your tea or consume as is if you’re built like that! 

works best when your consuming raw plantbased/ no cooked foods at all or when you’re high water content fruits and veggies fasting/ fruits fasting or juice fasting! 

This product is not fda approve and is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any diseases! Food is medicine and the herbs are made for us to h{^! 😉 



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